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Academy Expo Vendor Order Form

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8′ × 30″ Table, covered & skirted (show colors)

6′ x 30″ Table, covered & skirted (show colors)

6′ or 8′ TALL Table(40″) cover/skirt (show colors)

30″ Round Table with White Linen

30″ Round TALL Table with White Linen

Any size, plain table

Folding Chair, black

4′ x 24 Table, covered & skirted (show colors)

Carpet, per Single booth space- (show colors)

Carpet Padding, per Single booth space


Material Handling / Drayage

You are responsible for contacting a carrier and scheduling your shipment to us. Shipments Are NOT accepted at the show site, unless pre-scheduled with Academy. Drayage charges apply.
Shipments received after the deadline will incur a $125.00 late fee.
Academy will store & deliver your container (s) to your booth at the meeting site. We are not responsible for any unpacking, repackaging, setup, or breakdown of materials.

Fork Lift Rental (Academy Operator must be used)

Fork Lift Schedule
Setup: Day, Date A – 8am-6pm
          Day, Date B – 8am-12pm

Teardown: Day, Date – 8am-1pm

Please choose below (Minimum of 1/2 Hour)