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What is Trade Show Material Handling and Drayage?

There are two types of material handling and drayage that is mostly what we work with our vendors and show producers on. 

First, is when a vendor is traveling into another city where the show is located and they do not want to travel with products. So, the vendors will ship their items to our location where we will inventory the items until the show, confirm receipt, load the products on a truck and deliver it to their booth at the trade show.  This eliminates a great deal of hassle for the vendor to manage the logistics, so we do it for them. 

Second, is onsite material handling and logistics.  Typically, this is when there is heavy equipment that needs to be moved from the loading dock to their booth. These vendors would contract  Academy Expo , as the trade show Material handling company, to move the items to their booth. Once we have been contracted or at the show producers’ request we will have a forklift on-site to assist with moving in and out heavy equipment for the vendors. 

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Our material handling process is seamless, know that when you arrive at the show to get your booth set up that your products will be there waiting for you.  We will work with the inbound receiving and outbound shipping of your products, so you don’t have too.

Our Process

We Handle It All


Initial Inquiry

From the first point of contact, you can trust that our professional staff will be there with you to plan your event.



Our hands-on service will be there with you, on-site, to ensure we work through any preliminary obstacles prior to developing a layout.


CAD Layout

Developing a custom CAD Layout helps visualize the flow of your event and enhances onsite setup.



We will sharpen our pencils, use our expertise to provide a comprehensive, competitive quote for your convention


Logistics and Confirmation

We will handle the logistics with your venue, for set up and tear down, reserving dock space.


Deliver and Install

Flawlessly Deliver and install your product, so you can focus on other tasks before the show opens.

Together, we will make your next convention a huge success!

Working hand in hand with our clients, we have built thousands of successful conventions.